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Children are so funny!
Children can be so naturally funny — especially when they’re very young. Many families will have at least one child who, at some point, has come out with the funniest of comments at the most unexpected moment. Take the toddler, for example, who, at a funeral, asked what was in the ‘box’ — making the entire funeral gathering giggle when they were just at their saddest point. Or the examples of several children who, when shopping with Mum at the local supermarket, ensure that all the shoppers nearby know their parents barely go an evening without alcohol! These examples and more are shown below, in our slide show of a dozen of our favourite funny quotes by toddlers, preschoolers and 5-year-olds.

These delightful children’s quotes can be shared freely on social media. You can also bookmark this article or link to it if you found the kids’ quotes amusing — we certainly did!

We do hope you enjoyed these comical quotes from the little youngsters. We’ll come back with some more in the future if they prove popular.

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