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About Us

At Leaps & Bounds Day Nursery in Edgbaston, we are committed to childcare excellence and to giving your baby, toddler or child the very best start in their learning and development journey. The nursery represents the very best in weekday care for under-fives in a homely, warm, safe and stimulating setting near Birmingham. With our excellent facilities, equipment and EYFS curriculum, children absolutely thrive. Learning through play and via a learning programme tailored for each child, they build upon their skills, knowledge, independence and confidence, so they’re as ‘school ready’ as possible by the time they leave us in their fifth year.

At Leaps and Bounds Day Nursery:

  • Everyone child is valued.
  • Children are nurtured to achieve their own, personal bests in every area.
  • Social, emotional and cultural values are promoted.
  • Successes are celebrated.
  • A ‘Key Person’ is assigned to each individual child to ensure that their learning and development programme is tailored to their individual needs and strengths.
  • Staff are highly qualified, consistent, committed and carefully selected so that the very best person is appointed to each role. Learn more about our nursery team here.
  • Nursery fees are extremely competitive, offering great value to parents.
  • Government funding for 15 or 30 hours of free childcare is accepted for eligible families subject, of course, to available spaces.

Healthy, Balanced Meals at the Nursery

At Leaps and Bounds we ensure that meal times are a happy and social occasion for children. We provide fresh, balanced meals (breakfast, lunch and tea as appropriate), two healthy snacks and either milk or water to drink, as preferred. Our lunchtime meals are prepared by an award-winning early years catering company, who use only fresh, locally sourced and nutritious ingredients. All individual dietary requirements are catered for and recorded in visible sight for the staff to check.

Children wash their hands before eating and they’re also encouraged to make their own choices, serve their own food or drink and to feed themselves. They are also encouraged to be social with friends and carers at their table and to demonstrate good manners, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ etc.

The nursery also participates in the ‘Startwell’ Programme and has achieved Levels 1 and 2. This initiative has been rolled out across the Birmingham area with the aim of encouraging children and families to be more active, to eat well and to live more healthy lifestyles. Learn much more about our approach to healthy eating, keeping active and our participation in the Startwell programme here.

Extra Classes and Activities

In tandem with the standard weekday childcare services and our Forest School, we also provide extra-curricular activities each week. These include sport, music and physical sessions etc.

Rhythm Time

The Rhythm Time company provides award-winning music classes which benefit children by helping them develop key skills such as socialising, confidence, speech, co-ordination and creativity. These are age-appropriate, tailored sessions, which are provided to all nursery rooms during the week. They also align with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Active Adventurers

The Active Adventurers sessions provide opportunities for the children to develop fundamental movement skills through multi-sport sessions, the main focus being on gross and fine motor skills, balance, co-ordination and body awareness. This is done through the use of adventure stories, based on the characters Charlie Rabbit and Leo Lion.

Holiday Club

We also run our own Holiday Club from 7:30am to 6:15pm, for school children aged 5 to 10 during school holidays. It’s great value and the varied activities on offer are highly stimulating and lots of fun. Fees for the Holiday Club can be found here.

For a place for your child at Leaps and Bounds Day Nursery:

  • Children have access to a wide variety of equipment, toys and educational resources at the nursery.
  • Children have access to a wide variety of equipment, toys and educational resources at the nursery.
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